Welcome to UT-Gameserver

4 servers are currently available:

Monster Hunt with NaliWeapons III at
Monster Hunt with NaliWeapons II at
Monster Hunt with ExuWeapons at
Monster Hunt with standard weapons at

Used Mods / Mutators:

MH 2x Gold, MH 2x Relics, MH 2x Player Stats, MH CheckPoints, Hide'N'Peek, Score Saver, MapVote Ultimate 2.3, NaliWeapons II,
NaliWeapons II Plus, NaliWeapons III, ExuWeapons.

Internet Relay Chat:

Server irc.quakenet.org
Channel #ut-gameserver

Please visit the forum to keep informed. Have a nice stay on the servers!

Server Status

For detailed information of each server please click on a picture below. You will be redirected to an external page on Gametracker.

NW III Server NW II Server EXU Server MH Server